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Collective Memory and Cathartic gestures:- a collaborative exhibition between two young artist Asmita Sarkar and Katarina Chomova February 11, 2012

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For this show Katarina,[originally from Czech Republic, her paintings has its subject matter in Chernobyl] has stated that childhood memory and memory of the home is the driving force of her work. The aftermath of a tragedy has emigrated into her painterly gesture and mark making.  Katharina’s works are subtle and are not overtly resonating with the dark theme.

        In contemporary art theories the gesture of mark-making has been dealt seriously. According to some prominent theorists compulsive mark making indicates a ‘…loss of something that has never been’. Making a mark has been compared to combating with loss and displacement.

While I created installation drawings of ‘creepy crawls’, flowers depicting blood, bruises and pain which are inspired by cultural memories of India. Making mark has been compared to combating with loss and displacement. My work deals with a romantic vision of ‘.A loss of something that has never been’. Essence of Baudelaire find it’s visual equivalence in vermilion, henna and Japanese water-colour technique. Mythical beautiful Orient reveals it-self in pretty patterns written in blood. I used decorative patterns from Bengal, far-eastern water-colour techniques to create a surreal and poetic narrative of pleasure and pain

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