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CV and Statement September 14, 2011

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Asmita Sarkar e-mail- asmitasarkar39@yahoo.co.uk I try to capture cultural alienation and root-less experience through my drawing gesture. My ultimate aim is to make images that appropriate different cultural influences but ultimately produces transcending and universal forms. Concentrating on the drawings, I am creating a series of figurative and surrealistic paintings which are fraught with expressionistic quality. ].  I call them Creepy crawlers. They are deconstructed faces and figurative, narrating the world of internal bodily experiences. But the meaning of these drawings is plural. They can be biological patterns interacting with man-made industrial structures and environments Currently I am in the process of making conceptual painting using repetitive motifs like ‘ creepy crawlers’ . They don’t stay in the restraint of canvass space but spill over into other surfaces like galley walls, floor, and found objects. I use different materials like ceramic, cloth, un-even cement walls, plinth as surface and do sight specific drawings. Some-times I use transient light as part of my installation drawings.  Contrasting geometric and organic patters, eastern and western tradition in mark making and representation also form part of my practice. Education

  • Bachelor in arts(psychology, history/English literature)
  • Master in Experiemental/ cognitive Psychology from University of Calcutta
  • Master in Fine Arts from Robert Gordon University, Scotland 2010 [ recipient of Saltaire Scholarship]

           Academic research;- I like to complement my art-work with academic research and writting. My research is culture comparative and it touches areas of social and biological sciences.  


  •  2011 ;Paper Presentation in Extremity and excess conference; University of Salford.  8/9 September 2011  title of the paper; Excess of Expression in 20th century visual art; the norm and the anomaly. .

             2012 ; Peer reviewed Publication on the theme Mapping and Memory in ‘ Tracey; Drawing and Visualization research journal’ http://www.lboro.ac.uk/microsites/sota/tracey/journal/mam/sarkar.html