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About & Writings

Asmita Sarkar is an artist and researcher. Her research interests include contemporary drawing and painting, art-science collaboration in art and design and phenomenological aesthetics. She has published peer reviewed articles in Tracey, Drawing Research Theory and Practice, Visual Inquiry, Leonardo, amongst other, and finished her practice-based PhD (registered in Manipal Academy of Higher Education,) thesis on phenomenology of contemporary painting. She teaches at Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design, and Technology.

Contact- asmita.sarkar@manipal.edu / asmitasarkar39@yahoo.co.uk

Painted Spaces: An Exploration through Embodied and Expansive Practice, Asmita Sarkar. in the Journal of Visual Art Practice https://doi.org/10.1080/14702029.2022.2056800 https://www.tandfonline.com/journals/rjvp20 (Taylor and Francis Journal)


1. Elie - October 28, 2015

very investigative, beautiful perspective… I really want to reference your excerpt, how would i go about doing this?
Are you placed at Calcutta?

asmitasarkar - November 8, 2015

Hi Elie,

Thank you very much. I am from Calcutta. Currently I am in Bangalore. You are very much well-come to refer to my writing. Currently I am affiliated to Srishti School of Art design and Technology. Drop me an email in asmita.sarkar@srishti.ac.in

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