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Gallery 1; figurative and studies

Texture of the Himalaya : Autumn

Further exploration of  the notion of embodiment and the sensory dimensions of materials and sites.

Moths in public and artistic imagination:

In contrast with butterflies, moth as a species evokes different images and associations. While butterflies are associated with ethereal and fragile beauty, roaming from flower to flower, moths are thought to be creatures of night, dull in colour and inhabitants of damp spaces.

However after exploring the collection in NCBS (National Center for Biological Science, Bangalore, India) and talking to scientist some of their characteristics intrigued me-

Texture: Some of their textures are so luscious and iridescent; these seem to rival feathers of beautiful birds and animal fur.

Camouflage: Many of the species of moths that feed on tree-sap have extraordinary ability to blend in with tree-bark and leaves.

Poison: Some of them are poisonous to their predators (birds.) Few of these are brightly blue coloured.


Like a moth to a flame’ the most common proverb about moths and the fact that there exists a sub-species called Moon-moth lead me to visualize a moon-moth flying towards to moon.

Studies of flowers and leaves that look fleshly 2015-2016

Old portraits 2010


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