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gallery 3; installation views

The following project was financially supported by 4 tables project ShopArtArtShop 3 2019

Spatial Interventions

With a background in psychology and fine art, Asmita is currently researching the intersection of painting, phenomenology and new media. In this project she wants to explore the boundary between familiar bodies and expressions, and the uncertain and unfamiliar, the “unheimlich”, to use Freud’s phrase. “The unfamiliar is uncomfortable but it leads to creativity”, Asmita says. So she does not intend to look at the boundary between the apparent and the uncanny as points of conflict, but rather “borderlines of possibilities”. Asmita plans to create a number of temporary “interventionist structures” that are “speculative and optimistic”, and with these structures as “gateways”, expand the understanding of perceptual nature by building visual and aural narratives “aimed at resolving tension between the known and the unknown”.


In a Small town in Bir Valley, in the Himalaya I have the opportunity to work for one month and test the limit of what painting can be.. I looked for sites to put up ephemeral, painterly and  sculptural installations. I got used to the sensuous texture of Himalaya that is going to inspire my work.

I did site specific  paintings on the unique stone and mud structures of the region and the village, the challenge was to keep the layers of of paint and the tint of colours subtle enough to blend in the environment but distinct enough to make an visual impact that creates the sensation of the Uncanny. It was a struggle.

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Ephemeral.  Installation of digitally manipulated photographs, The photographs are of site specific paintings on rocks.
Outside In‐ Found fire‐wood, rocks, paint‐ some ready-made acrylic paint, some paint made using pigments from mud, ground stone.

My studio was a very well kept mud house made of mud and concrete. There was small attic. I made a soft sculpture in the attic— To my urban eye the space looks magical and I want to create a waterfalls made of light in the attic.

Some floating thoughts: (why did I not think of this before!!) The word sublime literally come from the Latin Root “limen” that turns into the adjective liminal- “of a threshold” in other word Border-line.

My moon-lit water falls reaches its completion. I arranged in such a way, while putting a lot of gold and silver layers, it does look like moon-light is glistening on it. There could be wood nymphs and fairies. It’s a moon-lit water falls in a dark attic, in the middle of the day. Of-course it is eerie and uncanny lying in the borderline between domestic and wild, mundane and extra-ordinary.


video documentation

Water falls in the attic‐ A domestic trunk, sound‐scape (natural waterfalls sound), stone, wood, hey, paint.


The Light Inside

invite shanthiroad compressed

This is a project that merges conventional acrylic painting with soft sculpture, site-specific installation, and drawing on scientific images. This show is an exploration of how one can stretch and explore the concept of painting. The concept of painting: traditionally thought of as patches of colour put on a flat surface representing objects or entities, has undergone a rapid transformation in the last few decades. In our post medium age of contemporary art many artists still continue to be inspired by paintings.

The installation tries to capture the illusive quality of painterly-ness. It also explores and depicts light (imaginary or not) that exists inside our body cavity and in our mind. It can be the light that surrounds us when we close our eye, it can be the light emanating from the MRI machine during scientific visualization. In Asmita’s paintings and drawing natural moonlight and electronic light fuse and transform into something new.

This Project has been realized with very constructive feedback and help from Suresh Suresh Jayaram and Ashok Vish and 1Shanthi Road Studio Gallery.



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Work In progress displayed at Srishti July 2018



In Between Space

A a group project realized in Walkin Studio With Vivek Chockalingam


Traces, layers, and lines:Exhibition invitation final.jpg


Installation and Projects in Scotland 2010/2011



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