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Page Updated- Figurative and studies November 27, 2022

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a look inside; solo show in Fyvie April 9, 2011

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a look inside your mind…...

Fyvie is a typical north east village in Scotland. Where a couple liked my work and invited me to exhibit in their family owned shop/gallery. The particular space and the warmth of these two interesting people has had a very positive effect on my works…

Roots in our mind January 4, 2011

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Lack of a studio space. I have started to paint in my apartment. And when I wake up in the morning my works stare at me. The feeling of which is very difficult to describe as pleasant or unpleasant. The experience of seeing  your own nervous system stretched across a canvas;  is surreal indeed.  They are not the paintings of mutilated bodies, guts or blood-veins. I am   trying to dissect the inside of my head as a piece of living breathing experience. The representation of which can only be through strokes and lines. they grow and grow more of my creepy crawlers…


Ritual Objects September 13, 2010

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Ritual objects- These cubes are also mysterious. They are named ritual objects because they have a fetishistic aspect in them. Or may be some magic and religious aspect is also present in them. For me magic, religion and fetish are akin to each-other

Also from an art historical view I like to think of them cubist representation of the flat surface of the canvass. Cubism has depicted different sides of an object in flat canvass. So that objects movement is captured. But for these objects the viewer has to move to grasps what is depicted on it.